UK spotterstrip 2022

Published on 23 May 2022 at 09:59

Back home from a week aircraft spotting in the UK. RAF Mildenhall, Lakenheath and Coningsby were the main targets. Added to the route as plan B were RAF Cranwell, Marham and the Imperial War museum in Duxford.


The first days started at RAF Mildenhall in sunny conditions with plenty of flying activity, even for a weekend. From Monday on the English weather was acting up, sunny in the early morning, turning in to overcast skies, and at the end of the day becoming sunny again. Flying at Mildenhall was also at a standstill from Monday on, and this would not change the rest of the week. Time to kick in plan B. Morning visits to RAF Lakenheath with a lot of flying, before returning to Mildenhall. Two dashes were made to RAF Coningsby were night flying was on order. So this left us plenty of time to take in RAF Cranwell, before heading to Coningsby. Coningsby was great with the Typhoons in the splendid evening light. Cranwell was a resting point. Very quit spotters places and a lot of flying of the trainer aircraft. 


Thursday was a long shot. After being alerted that they where conducting night flying at RAF Marham, we decide to spend the day over there. Which turned out to be a well spent day. Nice shots off the F-35's landing with the "toilet seat" up.

Friday was forecasted as a rainy day so I diverted to IWM Duxford as plan B. A good decision. Rainy spells where spent inside the museum hangars, and lot of Spitfires were flying that day in the sunny spells.


Saturday was our last day in the UK and spent at RAF Mildenhall. Sadly the field was inactive. A very long boring day from 07.30 until 18.00 hrs just to see two C-17's land. The same night it was off to the ferry to bring us back to the Netherlands while enjoying a good nights sleep. Arriving back early Sunday morning. Ready to go through the many pictures taken on this trip. It was great fun.


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