Tiger spotting Kleine Brogel AFB

Published on 7 August 2021 at 15:52

Almost a year since my last photographic exploit, due to Covid. But now the time was right. After my second vaccin shot the day before I felt more convident again.

Missed the official roll-out and first flight of the 2021 "Tiger" from the 31st Sqdn. After this ceremony and subsequently first flight, the jet was tucked away in a shelter for some weeks.

Untill yesterday. During my first visit to KB since a long time it was the first jet to take to the air. The sun was out, the wind was from a Southerly direction so runway 23 was in play. I really lucked out on my first outing. Another 7 more F-16's came out to play in the sun. Needless to say I went home with a big smile on my face.

Want to see more pictures click on the image above, or on the following link.

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