Suisse Hunter shoot 1WHC, Beauvechain

Published on 2 August 2020 at 13:00

Today a quick visit to the 1st Wing Historical Center in Beauvechain. Due to the corona crisis the museum was closed for a long time. Nevertheless the organisaton was able to acquire a Suisse Hunter for the museum. It is a gem longtime hidden on Beauvechain AFB. But now it is in the museum. Looking more beaten and battered than the first time I saw it many decades ago, during a open day in the back of a hanger.

But still it was nice to see here again. A perfect moment to take many detail shots of the airframe and some exterior loads. Rumour has it it will be repainted in Belgian Air Force colors which would be a shame. But time will tell.

Want to see more pictures click on the image above, or on the following link.

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