Taiwan trip

Published on 15 November 2017 at 13:00

As a last trip before my big year away from military aviation spotting, I was able to go to Taiwan with 4Aviation. A first for me and for our tour guide. Taiwan has always been high on my wishlist. For the simple reason that they have a large variety of Western and self designed aircraft flying around. And we got to see them all on our trip.

Not always in the same conditions. Spotting in Taiwan is nothing like spotting in Japan. With a few exceptions only landing or take-off shots could be made. Hsinchu and Taitung were the best on this trip. Hsinschu because they seem to tolerate the spotters more. And Taitung was excellent from the roof of our hotel. Well worth another visit in the future.

Want to see more pictures click on the image above, or on the following link.


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