Final Seaking flight RS-05, Koksijde AFB

Published on 21 March 2019 at 13:00

Today marked the official end of the Belgian Seaking in European skies. After 40+ years of operational service, Seaking RS-05 made its last appearance before being flown to Oostende the following day. There was a course plotted along the Belgian coastline with several stops at different locations to drop off a commemorative flag. We opted go to Koksijde the homestay of the Seaking. Hoping they would make a extra effort a this location. A final landing was made at the beach, after winching down the mayor of Koksijde. 

I was pleasantly surprised not only to see many familiar spotters, but als many local residents to say farewell to the Seaking. Even entire schoolclasses of children were present. This was the case at every stop along the coastline.

After this it was off to Koksijde AFB to witness the "final flight" with two other Seakings from Norway and Germany. They flew over to pay their respects to the last operational Belgian Seaking. A impressive formation was flown. Three Seakings, a Alouette and a NH-90. At the end RS-05 presented itself to the crowd outside en the guests inside. After this the inevitable happened and the Seaking had to land for the final time, with the iconic church tower in the background. Receiving a honorary salute from the fire crews after landing.

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