Japan trip 2023

Published on 25 April 2023 at 20:12

Due to the restrictions during and after the covid epidemic a visit to this country was impossible for a few years. Finally this year most of the restrictions were lifted, so off we went to visit this beautiful country again.

Since covid a lot has changed in Japan. No more McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom. Only a few YS-11 transport planes left in service. Dwindling population of OH-1 helikopters. C-1 transport planes being replaced by the C-2 at a rapid rate .This made it all less busy at the the airfields. The high activity buzz has been replaced by the more relaxed European spotting feeling. 

Luckily the T-4 flight ban was lifted, They were flying again. And after some engine modifications they even trailed more smoke behind them. Giving them, with some imagination,  a F-4 Phantom II appearance.

Iwakuni, Iruma and Komatsu kept their reputation of busy flight activities. Gifu and Akeno were not the highlights as expected. Hyakuri has developed into a dull airfield. But a far better place to see the Mitsubishi F-2 operational, compared toTsuiki.

Two more gems were put on our travel list for the first time.

Hamamatsu and Komaki. Both of them had their drawbacks but offered good spotting places. And with a lot of patience delivered a very nice collection of pictures.

Sorry to say but Japan has lost its appeal as the place to be for spotters.

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